Electric Palm mural installed at Bay Parc Plaza in Miami

Commissioned by Shim Projects, Electric Palm mural is installed in the approach to the high-rise’s garage, facing Margaret Pace Park in downtown Miami. Hand-painted geometry is very satisfying at this scale!    + view

Exit the Fun House mural at Young at Art Museum, Davie, FL

I installed a mural to activate an alcove at Young at Art Museum in Davie, FL, inspired by my painting titled Exit the Fun House. The architecture in the painting and the actual architecture of this unique museum connecting young people to art, designed by Glavovic Studio in Fort Lauderdale, lined up perfectly. Thanks to [&hellip + view

Ascending Constellation in progress at Marriott AC Hotel, Miami Beach

  A column in the center of the hotel’s lobby activated with color and texture. The small canvases add some dimension to this architectural feature. A great experience working with Dina Mitrani, of Miami’s Dina Mitrani Gallery + view

Aerosol City mural at WantedDesign Industry City, Brooklyn

Using spray paint from sponsor NBQ, I created Aerosol City for Brooklyn Delta, an exhibition curated by Paul Clemence for the opening of Wanted Design NYC at their Brooklyn location, Industry City. 10′ x 16′ on canvas + view

Brooklyn Delta mural exhibition at WantedDesign NYC

Brooklyn Delta is a mural exhibition curated by photographer/writer/artist Paul Clemence, featuring artists Pryor Callaway, Leo Castaneda, “3_5? Collective, Luis Zimad Lamboy and Michelle Weinberg. These artists all have a common interest in the urban environment, drawing inspiration from city life, which they then translate into their own artistic language”. http://www.wanteddesignnyc.com/exhibitor/exhibitors-wd-2015/brooklyn-delta/     + view

Intricate Pattern Overlay mural at Wolfsonian-FIU for ArtBasel/Miami Beach 2014

In conjunction with the Wolfsonian Museum-FIU exhibition “Myth and Machine: The First World War in Visual Culture” I’ve installed “Intricate Pattern Overlay” an exterior paint mural on the facade and side face of the museum’s historic building in Miami Beach. The mural is inspired by the invention of dazzle painting, a systems of high-contrast stripes [&hellip + view

RGB Equinox, mural for Facebook offices, Miami

  RGB Equinox is an interior paint mural – approximately 75′ long x 10′ high, plus three columns – installed at Facebook’s new Miami office. Rational, Tropical, Astronomic, Geometric. Day equals Night. Thanks to DanielleWohlArt    + view

Terra Tropica murals on Celebrity Cruises “Reflection”

Four panels and two larger printed murals for the Oceanview Cafe on Celebrity Cruise boat “Reflection”. Curated by ICART, Miami + view

detail, Meditation Space, mural proposal

+ view