1,000 Scene Changes at design sublime – installation views

1,000 Scene Changes is an exhibition of recent works by Michelle Weinberg organized around several environments: a Main Stage, Playsets, Storyboard, Shop and misc. marbles. Some paintings on paper are detailed, fully fleshed out characters, and others play supporting roles, as visual motifs are extracted, expanded, repeated in different scales. By stacking the works on a stage, the installation references the stacked planes that overlap each other and live in a shallow, 3D space in many of the painted works. The paper maché objects are meant to be re-arranged in and on the Playsets. These have developed out of previous installations created of painted packages in glass display cases. What began as maquettes for possible public art works, has become a small scale architectural project in its own right. The Storyboard consists of 8″ x 10″ mini paintings or scenes, conceived as pairs, but they are freely re-arranged on the wall as individual comic strip panels, fracturing the narratives. The Shop is a container for small-scale enterprises and collaborations, such as hand-screened Spare Room booklets made with the kind assistance of Kathleen Hudspeth at Turn-Based Press, a zine published by DaleZine called SketchBook., Marginalia, created with poet Thomas Sayers Ellis, embroidered Wasted Youth patches, marbleized shirts produced by Print All Over Me, hand-customized Tramp Shirts, Part-Time Tattoos, very good and big love postal stamps, and marbleized printed silk chiffon scarves. The Shop is also an altar of sorts to fellow female artists who have shared their spirit and ideas with me throughout my development as an artist. They are represented by photos of themselves as young artists: Elisabeth Condon, Theresa Hackett, Jenny Humphreys, JoAnne Ruggieri, Barbara Suhr, Sara Stites, Nina Surel, Carolyn Swiszcz, Kristiina Uusitalo, and Eugenia Vargas Pereira. Some of their works are represented as well.

On view through April 23, 2016 at design sublime in Miami’s Little River District.

info@nulldesignsublime.dk for more information.

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