clé tile artist collection

clé tile, in Sausalito, CA, has launched a collection of Michelle Weinberg hydraulic cement tiles. Find out more here + view

Tile Envy book available now!

With a cover photo of my tiles shot by Paul Clemence, and loaded with observations by Deborah Osburn of clé, Tile Envy includes so many beautiful tiles by more than 60 designers around the world. Available from Cicada Books. Available on Amazon. Buy on amazon here + view

Project Launch: Speech Patterns Tiled Plazas

Speech Patterns is: Small-scale public plazas in under-utilized slices of urban Miami. Inspired by historic architectural calligraphy, handmade cement tile patterns repeat hyper-fast message units from today’s vernacular of instant gratification: pop-up ads, self-help lingo, hashtags & viral internet memes such as: “very good” “free time” “easy money” “say it loud” “run with it”, “get down,” [&hellip + view

Draw on My City sidewalk art installations in Hollywood, FL

    Draw on My City comprises six unique sidewalk designs for six neighborhoods in Hollywood, FL. Funded by the Community Foundation of Broward, administered by the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. Mosaic art produced by Miotto Mosaics in New York, lettering water-jet cut and assembled by Michelle Weinberg Studio, and installed under the [&hellip + view

City of Hollywood, FL – first sidewalk installed

Porcelain mosaic by Miotto Mosaics, NY, and water-jet cut lettering made by Creative Waterjet, Miami. Thanks to a crack installation crew. This is the first of six sidewalks to be installed in Hollywood in the next few months. Thanks to Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, City of Hollywood and Community Foundation of Broward + view

Legal Art Miami launches CSA (Community Supported Art)

Shares are on sale for Legal Art’s first CSA – collect works by nine Miami artists, including very good tiles by Michelle Weinberg + view pop-up shop

+ view

Inventory Series 01 opens

+ view

Show Room

On view at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood thru May 30. Read comments by Colleen Dougher in City Link’s Fresh Art + view

Shadow Canopy Completion

3000 square feet of handmade cement tile is now installed on the entry floor, column base and facade of Miami-Dade County‘s newly constructed LEED-certified GSA facility. The handmade wool and silk rug for the interior will be installed shortly, bringing the project to completion + view