Press for Michelle Weinberg*surface design

The Miami Herald’s Home & Design magazine spread the word about Michelle Weinberg*surface design Sunday, May 13.   Here’s what they said + view

New rug samples arrived

Handmade at 100 knots per square inch in Nepal from New Zealand wool and silk, these new small-scale rug samples are available in a range of sizes, in limited editions of three. They communicate some design concepts, and give an idea of possible color combinations. Please contact the studio to see them in person. Download [&hellip + view

New rugs – installation views

Exhibitionista, 6′ diameter Elope, 5’x6 + view

More rugs being fabricated in Nepal

These photos illustrate the finishing processes of handmade Tibetan-style wool rugs designed by Michelle Weinberg + view

Some new kaleidoscope rug designs

+ view

Michelle Weinberg*surface design rug samples

+ view

Rugs being fabricated in Nepal

+ view

Facsimile view of Exhibitionista rug

This rug is being produced at 6′ diameter. The collage titled Exhibitionista is hung on the wall + view

New Rugs from Michelle Weinberg*surface design in production

Artist Michelle Weinberg presents limited edition rugs. Each rug is derived from original artwork in collage or paint media and offered in a limited edition of 3. The rugs are handmade, hand-dyed of New Zealand wool, 100 knots per square inch, made in Nepal + view

Michelle Weinberg*surface design receives notices from design blogs

Thank you to the design bloggers who responded with enthusiasm to Michelle Weinberg*surface design. That’s Hot is compiled by Katey Nicosia in Dallas, TX. Please access her blog via the weblink to the right. Check designer Lena Corwin’s blog too + view

Michelle Weinberg*surface design installation views

Michelle Weinberg*surface design rugs are hand-knotted 100 knots per square inch and hand-dyed in Nepal. Fabrication of Michelle Weinberg rugs is expertly handled by InSTYLE Rugs of Toronto. Each rug has an individually numbered RugMark label on the back certifying that the rug was made without the use of child labor. RugMark is an international [&hellip + view